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Low cost flights

Low Cost Flights

With the continuous rise in the fuel prices around the globe, more and more airlines are facing problems in operating low cost flights. For the air travelers, the low cost flights to Europe, USA and other parts of the world are turning into a dream. The airline industry is in turmoil and is struggling hard to survive the surge of oil prices.

Many small airlines which failed to meet their expenses have shut down their operations in the past few years. The ever-increasing oil and gas prices are forcing many airlines to either amplify their fares or close down. Low cost flights have become a rare feature offered by only a few airlines on special routes. To reduce the effects of these pressures, some of the airlines are also merging with other larger giants in the industry in order to survive.

The airline companies are reducing in number and the air travelers are finding lesser airlines to choose from. This is also causing the prices of the airline tickets to go higher and higher as the competition among the airlines is reducing. Low cost flights are also reducing with every coming day.

In order to provide the low cost flights to the passengers, some airlines have compromised on the quality of service. Most of the airlines are enforcing the passenger baggage rules more strictly than ever in order to reduce the weight of the aero planes so that they consume less fuel being light weight. Some airline companies have even reduced the limit of baggage to be carried by the passengers. While most of the airlines have made changes to their in-flight menus as a measure to reduce expenditure on the flights, some have even done away with in-flight meals on less duration flights.

At the same time, there are still some ways to find low cost flights and most of the times you can find low cost flights from places you never think of. One of the best ways to find the low cost flights is to call the airlines office about 30 or more days in advance of the flight. Although this trick is starting to lose its effectiveness which it had in the past but still there are some airlines offering good deals on advance booking especially to destinations in Europe and USA.

The use of internet is another major way of finding deals on low cost flights and you can find hundreds of low cost flights by browsing through the internet. The problem in this method is that there are hundreds of cheaters readily available everywhere on the internet and you should not allow these scammers to cheat you.

Whenever you get any such deal on low cost flights through internet, you should make sure that you counter check it from the airlines office before paying for the ticket to the internet vendor. Although internet is a gold mine for finding low cost flights but you need to be very careful when buying from the internet. Whenever possible, check the credibility of the person or the company from which you are buying the low cost flight ticket.

At times a swindle vendor can also defraud you and deprive you of your hard-earned money by selling a phony or bogus ticket. They are much capable of claiming afterwards that the fault lies with the airlines and not them. Although hundreds and thousands of legitimate low cost flights are available on the internet but still you need to be very careful while operating on the internet.

A very easy, simple, painless and above all legitimate way to find low cost flights, is to visit your local travel agent. As the travel agents purchase the airline tickets in bulk and way in advance, they can sell those to you at low profit rates. Your nearest travel agent may also have the perfect holiday deal for you, which you are striving hard to find on internet and other sources. These deals will also include the low cost flights rolled into them or you may just find the low cost flights to suit your package. Always make a point to check it first with your local travel agent.

In these days with high fuel prices, it is difficult to discover low cost flights but not impossible. With proper search policy you can find wonderful deals on low cost flights for you and your family to enjoy your vacations.

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